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The North and Baltic Sera are the cold center in Jan. & Feb. 1940, which corresponds to major naval activities.


The North Sea and the Baltic Sea, being a semi-enclosed (or enclosed) seas, may hold the key to understanding reasons for the arctic winter in Northern Europe in 1939/40 and other meteorological changes that started in late 1939. The naval warmachinery in these seas may have contributed to returningEurope back into the ‘ice age’, as their rolein this phenomenon was prominent. It can therefore be fairly concluded thattheNorth Sea, togetherwith the Baltic Sea, playedthe central role inthe emergence of severe winter conditions in Northern Europe in 1939/40, a condition not experienced inmore than100 years.

Check the above temperature figures: The cold center for the two winter months Jan. & Feb. is the North and Baltic Sea  (London, Frankfurt, Copenhagen, and Kaliningrad & Helsinki.

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