The first war year 1940;

  December 1939 – November 1940

GISS Surface Temperature Analysis

Sources and parameters: GHCN_GISS_ERSST_1200km_Anom1212_1939_1940_1900_1939

Note: Gray areas signify missing data. Note: Ocean data are not used over land nor within 100km of a reporting land station.


Without the extraordinary winter 1939/40 (DJF) the shown temperature Europe would be indicated significantly higher then the long term mean. The summer 1940 was regarded very sunny and fairly hot. There might be some logic in the combination of cold winter and hot summer in Northern Europe, but it would complicate the investigation on the influence of naval war on the ‘average weather’ many fold. The summer season, or summer months are therefore not further commended.  


Chapter: 2_16

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Image: Giss /Goddard Institute


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