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Two, or three, climatic shifts

during the  last Century?

Did the Northern Hemisphere experienced

two or three climatic shifts during the last Century?

  • The FIRST shift: After WWI had started in 1914 the temperatures drop from a pick in ca. 1914 to the low in 1917, from whereon a dramatic rise took place until 1938, to drop in 1939, which may have already been influenced by four months war.
  • The war period from 1939 to 1945 marks a distinct shift into a colder period, that lasted until about 1976, before starting to rise again.
  • Was the temperature shift in 1976 a mere continuation of the trend from 1918-1938, which had ended, due to naval war activities in the Atlantic and Pacific from 1939 to 1945, from which the ocean structure recovered after a period of ca. three decades?


REMARK: If naval war activities contributed to one of the climatic shifts in any measurable way, or very small proportion, it would be time understand the matter, and to included such knowledge in the discussion of climate change

Chapter 5_15

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