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Had the naval war since 1939 an

impact on the sea ice conditions in the Baltic Sea?

 The image actually shows that the 1940 had been highly exceptional due to the naval war during World War II. What are the significant points?

  • The heavy sea ice winter 1939/40 appeared for the first time after 57 years, as the previous was in 1883, while there had been four heavy sea ice years between ca. 1850 and 1883.
  • The sea ice coverage since 1884 indicates that the period until 1939 was much warmer during the winters as the time period before, and
  • as the sea ice cover from 1884 to 1938 seem to have been less severe as from 1950 to 1990,
  • it requires an explanation, why did it came so suddenly, and completely unexpectedly the four severe ice winter, namely the first three war years and 1946/47? 

Until now, 70 years after WWII, science has not asked such a question, neither discussed nor answered, although the solution indicates clearly to naval war activities. 

Chapter 3_31

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