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What an eye witness had to say about the  arctic winter conditions 1939/40


Richard Scherhag published an article in 1951 in German with an abstract in English, titled:

“The great circulation disturbance in the year 1940”*)

Summary: This paper gives the 3rd part of a speech “Considerations on the great circulation” held at the 1949 meeting of the Meteorological Society at Bad Kissingen. In contrast to the sever winter  1928/29 (caused, in February, by a mere local pressure surplus over Northern Europe connected with an increased circulation), the famous winter 1939/40 was the consequences of a general decrease in the general circulation: In 1940, pressure was considerably too high all over the polar region north of 60° latitude and simultaneously essentially too low in the subtropical regions.

*) Annalen der Meteorologie, 4 Jahrgang, Heft 7-9, p.321-329 ; with an image “Abb.7”

on temperatures anomalies in January 1940, on which the shown images is based.


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