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Global Temperatures 1929 to 1960

SST Anomalies (HADISST) &

Marine Air Temperature (MOHMAT4.3)

Image source: Bob Tisdale,,    

Bob Tisdale discussed the data on his blog on 27 March 2009 :

“The Figure illustrates Global SST Anomalies [HADISST] and Global Marine Air Temperature [MOHMAT4.3] data from January 1930 to December 1959. One would believe based on the similarities between the two datasets that they were used to infill one another during the war period when data collection was sparse. Note that the shifts in 1945/46 are of similar magnitudes.”

COMMENT: It seems unlikely that the pronounced deviation of SAT and SST can be explained without considering the impact of the naval war from 1939-1945. Here an excerpt from the book “Climate Change & Naval War”, Chapter 4_11:

“Main facilitators in this case are the oceans. This investigation is based on the assumption that the ocean is the dominating force on climatic conditions. Climate should be defined as ‘the continuation of the oceans by other means’, or, as ‘the blueprint of the oceans and seas’. Water is of 95% importance in all weather related ‘atmospheric components’. Other means refer to water vapour, respectively humidity. Any ocean water released to the air as vapour comes down as rain after 2 to 3 weeks. The weather and climate would not exist without water, and the interconnection of ocean water and humidity is so manifold, strong and interdependent, that the definitions have their own merits.” 

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