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Skagerrak a complex sea area for naval war activities

The Skagerrak was particularly hit by the invasion of Norway in 1940.

Extract from book pages 157: 

The Number of activities or events really runs into many thousands. Rohwer has listed about 100 major events. The Allies, consisting of British, French and Polish personnel, were shipped in considerable numbers to Norway.  Following the occupation of Narvik by German troops, 25,000 Allies soldiers were evacuated in early June. Three major encounters took place at Narvik and approaches (Vestfjorden) to the port on 10 13 April and on June 8 involving up to two dozen bigger naval vessels each time, with serious losses on both sides. The Campaign ended on June 10. During the struggle extending to two months a total of 34 naval vessels of about 500,000 tons including 9 submarines, 19 destroyers or bigger ships were sunk or damaged. The loss of naval vessels was equal on both sides.

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